Video 9822: NCE DCC Mini-Panel Automatically Control 3-Rail O-ga. Train Point-to-Point


GOOGLE DRIVE ALBUM #822 – has PDF’s of the below drawings.


(This page last updated 11/01/2019)

This page contains images and links for Video #820 “NCE DCC Mini-Panel Automatically Controls 3-Rail MTH O-ga. Train Point-to-Point” — using a single detector.

  • The below drawing #821-1 shows the overall wiring drawing.
  • The below Drawing #821-2 shows the connection of the Z-Stuff DZ-1011 Block Signal Detector and DZ-1008 Relay.

To view the complete file, see the PDF version in the Google drive album

Adding DCS/DCC Switch to Proto 3 Railking Locos: