Links-1 (to other automatic control sites)

(This page last updated 9/3/2019)

====== A. Manufacturers ======

  2.  — This company was purchased by Tony’s Train Exchange in 2016.  The domain name no longer works.  The information is at
    * The last version of the original DccBitSwitch website was saved on 3/13/16 on, and you can view it by using this link: .
    *   The original owner and designer is Fred Hughes, 303-674-3114, Evergreen, CO.  Most of his  controls were DCC, but he also made some analog controls. (updated 9/3/19)
  3. — Curtis Roecks, Oceanside, CA; makes sophisticated & elegant microprocessor-controlled units for controlling DC trains.
  4. — Dave Bodnar, Pittsburgh PA

    ====== B. Information Websites ======
  5. — this website.
  6. G scale AutoControl Circuits, by Ted Ansley —
  7. Upstairs Train Room, by Bob Graves, — — the ‘semaphore’ page discusses controlling AC Gilbert S gauge trains
  8. The Large Scale Trains Page, by George Schreyer — — (large scale) Automatic Reversing Loop Controller & Automatic Trolley Controller —

    ====== C. Older Web Pages ======
  9. Ted Rapp’s Solid State Relay Designs – — Ted uses solid state NAIS latching relays and Tortoise switch machines for low cost, reliable automatic control of N, HO, O, & G gauge trains. One of his wiring sketches and part numbers are included in this section.
  10. S Gauge DCC Computer Control — _____ using QuickBasic and a DOS 386 computer. (Can no longer be done, as computers will not run QuickBasic anymore.)

FYI:  The OLD links page is at

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