Video 820: DCC Switch on MTH Proto 3, 3-Rail Locos


GOOGLE DRIVE ALBUM #823 – has sketches & drawings for Videos #820 thru #823


(This page last updated 11/07/2019)

This page contains the MTH publication “Adding a DCS/DCC Switch to a Railking Engine”

(add add slide for what locos had switch

As I understand it:

  •  Proto 1 locomotives were “sound-only”.
  • Proto 2 locomotives added DCS capability, but did not run on DCC.
  • Proto 3 locomotives were introduced around 2011, and added the capability to run on DCC.
  • All Proto 3 Premier locomotives have the DCC/DCS switch.
  • The Proto 3 Railking locomotives from about 2011 to 2014 had the DCC/DCS switch.
  • The Proto 3 Railking locomotives after 2014 no longer have the DCC/DCS switch — see below figure.
  • The Railking locomotives made after 2014 still have the DCC/DCS decoders, but in order to run the loco on DCC, you have to either add the switch yourself, or cut a jumper wire inside the loco.
  • If you cut that jumper wire, the loco will then run on DCC, but not on DCS.
  • Adding the switch allows you to essentially “disconnect” the jumper wire to run on DCC, or to “re-connect” that jumper wire to run on DCS.


Adding DCS/DCC Switch to Proto 3 Railking Locos: