E. Playlists2 (backup from site 1)

(This section modified 10/26/2021).


View Youtube playlist of ALL the *DCC* automatic control videos

View Youtube playlist of ALL the *ANALOG* (DC & AC) automatic control videos

View the original 1997 VIDEOS page (videos listed individually)

(all Youtube playlists)

2A. The Compilation Playlist

The AutoControls ‘Compilation Video’ #611 has excerpts from 6 DC & 6 DCC videos, up thru 8/2017.

== Unusual Videos, NOT in Compilation Video ==
9202-10D (DC) 1992 Demo, LGB Automatic 2-Track Yard Controls 3/4/5 Trains on 1 Track
826 (DCC) 2 MTH O-ga. PS3 Diesels on 1 Small Loop (1 detector, no blocks)
827 (DCC) 3 Kato N Ga. Diesels on 1 Loop (1 detector, no blocks)
829 (DCC) 3 MTH O-ga. PS3 Diesels Push-Pull Shuttle (1 detector, no blocks)

2B. Playlists Ordered By SCALE

The Youtube playlists in this section (02 – 27) are grouped by (1) ‘Scale’, (2) then by type of control (DC or DCC), then (3) by whether it’s point-to-point (push-pull shuttle), a loop with NO turnouts, or a loop with turnouts.

Videos #827 & #828 show the LATEST 3-trains-on-1-track and 2-trains-on-1 track programs; they’re in N-Ga. Playlist ‘A04’ immediately below.

2C. Playlists for ANALOG Controls (DC & AC)

Note: The following playlists (28-32) contain the SAME videos as the above playlists. They are just grouped by type of control, rather than by scale.
Note there are 2 separate playlists for the 1992 LGB ‘V9202’ videos.

2D. Playlists for DIGITAL Controls (DCC)

* Most of the DCC videos use the NCE ‘Mini-Panel’ for control, except about 6 which use the DCC-Bitswitch.

2E. Reference Playlists

  • The page contains 9 more “Layout” playlists (52-60) that show trains, but have no automatic controls.

There are also 2 other playlists Misc61 (vimeo61) and (xDance62 (vimeo62) that have nothing to do with trains.

• With these 2 links, you can View ALL Youtube playlists
or View ALL Vimeo playlists .
• Unfortunately, since Youtube gives you no “A-Z” option to display them in alphabetical order, they display in a JUMBLED order.)

2F. About The Video NUMBERS

Videos numbered with the ‘600’ series numbers are ‘analog‘ (DC or AC) AutoControls videos.
* Videos numbered with the ‘800’ series numbers are DCC AutoControls videos.

Videos numbered with the ‘9202’ series numbers are the ORIGINAL year 1992 videos — originally recorded on Hi-8 & SVHS videotape. They’re all Largescale DC controls, using stock LGB components.

Videos numbered with the ‘200’ series numbers are model railroad videos (mostly layouts). They contain NO automatic controls content.

Videos numbered with the ‘100’ series numbers (miscellaneous) and ‘400’ series numbers (dance) have NO model railroading content.